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Healthy eating

EveryoneHealthy Eating will Change Your Life!

Everyone needs to learn how to cook and eat healthy foods.  Eating well will change your life!  Now students at Stanford are learning how to plan meals, shop and cook healthy food…and it isn’t just for students.

If you aren’t eating healthy (or as well as you’d like) add just 1 thing to your daily habits.  It might be choosing an apple, add 1 green veggie each day or going for a walk.  One new thing will start you on a lifetime of new and improved habits!  Cade.

Cooking 101: Stanford Adds Healthful Eating Skills To The Curriculum – NPR (blog)

NPR (blog)Cooking 101: Stanford Adds Healthful Eating Skills To The Curriculum NPR (blog)”If you look at the restaurants they have in most towns across the country, there’s not just healthy food that’s out there,” he says. “And from a global climate [change] perspective, making sustainable food choices can have a bigger impact than even …and read more »

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