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Massage Benefits and Details

Massage has been studied for many years and has proven results. 

According to new neuroscience, there are 4 rituals that make you happy. One of them includes getting a regular massage, because of the body needs to be touched to trigger the positive chemicals required for happiness. A study was done that proved that lack of physical touch and rejection triggered emotions and physical pain. And a massage turns that reaction around, causing endorphins, and other natural “happy” chemicals to flood your system.

Do you Want to boost happiness? 

Here are five rituals neuroscience recommends

  • Express gratitude. Ask: “What am I grateful for?”
  • Label negative feelings. Give that negative feeling a name so that our brain isn’t bothered by it anymore.
  • Make a decision. When we make decisions, our brain feels we have more control.
  • Hug someone. Spend more time with friends and family.
  • Get a massage.  Massages release endorphins (feel-good chemicals) that make you feel relaxed, calm and happy. Massages also have long-term effects by managing pain, anxiety and stress, which directly affect your mood.

Now call Cade for a massage that will get you on track! And check out our massage benefits page.