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Reflexology is a Powerful Massage Treatment.

Reflexology is one of the many treatments within massage therapy.  When you combine a reflexology treatment with a full-body massage your body will kick into full healing mode.

Reflexology treatments can be traced back to Egypt, and is also a part of Chinese culture. In fact, traces of reflexology have been found in 2030 BC. One report documented reflex areas and how to use them in healing.

Reflexology (a foot massage) is incredibly relaxing
Foot Reflexology is a popular form of massage

Hands and feet are the focus of reflexology therapy. Trigger or pressure points are found from the tips of toes and fingers to the wrist and ankle. According to reflexology charts these trigger points are connected to various body organs, muscles, and opening “flow” or energy in the body. Stimulation of various points will result in relaxation, improved blood and energy flow and speed

healing throughout the body.

So the key is to stimulate various reflex points on the feet and hands.

A good reflexology treatment feels like a nice hand or foot rub, but it is so much more.  The experienced massage therapist will ask specific questions of the client to understand what the stress, tension or pain the client feels.  Then the therapist will apply pressure to key points to alleviate the pain and trigger healing.

Combine the pressure points with massage,

Feel great after a reflexology hand massage
Feel great after a reflexology hand massage

and your entire body will benefit.

Stress triggers tight muscles, which tend to cramp from the tension and muscle fatigue.  Reflexology treatments alleviate the stress and improve blood flow, allowing tight muscles to relax.

Fight or flight

Also, if a person is under stress, the body prepares to either fight or run away, releasing stress hormones and adrenalin.  A little of these hormones and adrenalin are good for a short time.  However, if they are circulating throughout the body over the long term, a great deal of damage is done to muscles and organs.

A reflexology treatment (or series of treatments) will reverse the damage done by the “fight or flight” chemicals in the body.

So call Cade for your reflexology treatments and you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed and able to deal with the stresses of your life more effectively.