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Massage Therapies

What’s Best For Your Health? A Great Massage!

I am an experienced massage therapist working with clients from Minneapolis and St. Paul.  I will help you determine the right treatment for your optimum health, distinguished by the care and attention invested in your treatment and goals. How can I help you to be your healthiest?

You can come to my office or I will bring my massage chair to your office to help you and your team feel great and become even more productive!  I travel throughout Minnesota to bring the best of stress relief and great health to businesses both large and small.

Our Specialties

Massage therapy and bodywork:

Bodywork is one of humanity’s oldest forms of therapy, and it helps treat and prevent a wide variety of ailments.

Here are more detail on the Benefits of massage

Massage TherapyBenefit
Massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue Rehabilitative, Prenatal, Sports, Medical, Myofascial Relieves stress, heals muscles, decrease pain, improve flexiblity
Head, Neck & Scalp Massage/Headache Relief MassageMigraine relief, improve blood flow, relax
Auricular TherapyEar Massage: alternative therapy which reflects the entire body
Hands &/or Feet MassageAlso known as reflexology;
the starting point for full relaxation
Shiatsu Therapypressure with thumbs, hands, elbows, knees or feet applied to pressure points on the body. Helps joints become flexible
Cranial Sacral TherapyA noninvasive, gentle form of massage that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum
Foot Reflexology & Essential Oil SoakTotal relaxation
Raindrop Essential Oil Consultation and TreatmentEssential oils tap cells within the brain and body to aid healing
Reiki/Qi GongEnergy Work
In House/In Office/Chair MassageDo you want something to boost morale and productivity in the office?
I'll go to your office and help your people holistically. Call for more information
Prenatal MassagePrenatal massage relieves many of the discomforts of pregnancy while improving circulation. You’ll discover relief from backaches, leg cramps and muscle spasms in your back, swelling and edema.

Essential Oils and Cleansing guidance:

Learn the cleansing and health bolstering effects of essential oils in your life and learn how people have been using them in place of more expensive and damaging drugs, treatments and therapies.

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