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Massage Therapy: We Care About You!

Since 2007, Hands of Health Bodywork Massage has been providing the highest quality massage and bodywork to businesses and professionals in Minneapolis and St. Paul!

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We are Covid Compliant!  

The Massage Industry is doing a good job with wearing masks, cleaning, sanitizing and other safety measures as we address your health concerns. Our goal is to keep you safe and comfortable.  We have your back!

1. Try Sports Massage or Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the baseline, head-to-toe massage that has proven results. Sports massage is tailored to the athlete, focusing on muscle groups to speed healing, improve speed and dexterity and increase performance.  Here is more  information about massage benefits.

Sports massage

2. Try Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting and exhausting time in a woman’s life.  As her body changes to help her baby grow, muscles stretch and cramp, and tendons tighten. Swelling (edema) and back pain occur. Many of my clients tell me “massage helped me deal with the stress, discomfort and lost sleep, especially in the last few months of pregnancy!”

My goal is to help you succeed during these challenging and exciting months, as well as help you cope with post pregnancy changes as your body returns to normal.

Prenatal massage relieves the symptoms and help the body feel its best while bringing new life into the world. Click here for more information

Pregnancy Is Stressful On The Body

3. Try Chair Massages at work

Workplace stress often- show up as muscle aches and pains.  Sitting long hours at a desk result in neck and back pain, and decrease productivity.

Help your employees feel their best by adding Chair Massages to the workplace Healthcare Plan.  Short, focused massage quickly alleviate muscle tightness and improve productivity and well-being.  Call us for more information at  612-269-2207 or click here

Corporate Chair Massage
Chair Massage at work

4. Try Our Other Massages

Sometimes life doesn’t allow more than a short time to squeeze in for yourself.  Discover the other options, services and shorter massages available for busy people.

You deserve the best life has to offer.  Call us for more information at  612-269-2207 or click here to see our list of massages and how they help you feel great!

Relieve stress with Reflexology
Relieve stress with Reflexology
Customer Testimonial

Cade was very intuitive about my muscles, finding knots and gently, but firmly, pressing through them. Yet he kept in mind my initial purpose, which was relaxation. I could feel he had the strength to do more, but he kept the pressure at a great level.

I left feeling relaxed and mellow. Just what I had wanted.
I will be going back!”
-Brent B.