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Kim Cattrall Says ‘Fizzy Yoga’ Saved Her Life.

Kim Cattrall-Fizzy Yoga

Note from Cade:  Sometimes an article just jumps out at you, especially when a celebrity talks about the power of the body/mind connection.  Read what Kim Cattrall says about physio-yoga or “Fizzy Yoga”.

Kim Cattrall Says ‘Fizzy Yoga’ Saved Her Life. So What Is It?
Yahoo! Canada Shine On (blog), on Wed, 21 Aug 2013 08:22:07 -0700
By Ali Swank | Healthy Living – 19 hours ago Properly known as physio-yoga or physiyoga, the regime combines yoga with physiotherapy in a one-on-one session that includes massage, yoga poses, physiotherapy adjustments, and meditative breathing.

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