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Massage Heals Sore Muscles

Your Mom Was Right–Your Posture Affects Your Brain

When you come in for a massage, my goal for you is that you feel better overall.  And sometimes this happens when you become aware of your body–how you sit and how you stand, (or slump.)  In fact, poor posture has been shown to increase overall pain in your back, neck and even hips.  Here’s an article that quotes “Lifehacker” that gives you a reason to do what your mother said…”sit up straight!”  or “Stand up straight.”  Here’s why your Mom was right!


massage heals sore muscles
Sore muscles are often the result of poor posture!

How Posture Affects Your Brain

I don’t know about you, but I grew up hearing things such as “stand up straight,” meaning chest out, shoulders back. The resulting “military pose” was uncomfortable and hard to maintain. But it turns out that all those parents and teachers were on to something about the importance of posture.

I could speak volumes about the importance of balanced posture for functional mobility including the ability to lift our arms to improving standing balance, oxygenating the body and lubricating, or at least improving blood flow, to body organs. From an appearance standpoint, correcting a slouched posture can take years off of a person’s appearance, magically transforming the decrepit looking elder into the vital individual they once must have been.

Now it turns out that science backs up the promotion of a balanced posture with surprising conclusions about it’s impact on how we think and feel.

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