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Cat Massage

Your Cat Would Like a Massage, too!

Normally I focus on natural health benefits and massage for stress relief, headache pain, and healing sports injuries, but this month there’s a NEW trend in natural healthcare…massage for cats!  Now I tend to be a dog person, but there is proof that cats (and dogs) benefit from intentional, professional massage, which is MUCH more than simply petting your cat.  Read on to learn more.  Cade

Massage for Cats Makes Purrfect Sense

cat massage
Cougar receives his once-a-week treatment from small animal massage practitioner Jennifer Streit. (Photo by Rose DeDan)

Most massage clients are happy to see their therapists—but Julie Polvinen often receives over-the-top greetings in the form of meows, purrs and head rubs. As a certified small animal massage therapist, she counts several cats among her furry clientele.

“I have more calls for dogs, but the cat field is growing,” said Polvinen, owner of ZEN Animal Massage in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Click here to continue reading


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