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Oh My Aching Back

Five Tips to Relieve Back Pain

“Oh My Aching Back!”  Have you ever said this?  Lower back pain is a common ailment, and Americans spend millions of dollars for drugs to get relief.

Massage relieves low back painBut there are natural ways to get rid of lower back pain permanently, without drugs.

Natural health is far more effective and good for your body than taking drugs.  If natural remedies don’t work or you are in great pain, be sure to go to a doctor. But to alleviate minor back pain put a strategy together that will keep you healthy without drugs.

1. Massage is one of the best “hidden secrets” to relieving back pain

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A Luxury Massage by Cade will help relieve back pain

A research study showed that 10 weeks of massage heals back pain.  This happens by relaxing muscles and tight tendons, your ham string for example. A regular massage allows the body to heal itself. Best of all, a back massage will give you more than back pain relief. You’ll discover other aches and pains also disappear because, as the old song says, “the head bone is connected to the back bone…”

2. Acupuncture is an uncommon tool that is beneficial

Most people believe that acupuncture is scary with all those needles.  But the needles are so tiny they don’t hurt and they have been proven to improve blood flow and healing.

3. Yoga also works

Regular use of yoga will stretch tight muscles and joints, allowing flexibility and muscle strength to develop.  You don’t have to Yoga stretches sore musclesspend hours in a yoga studio to get this result.  Get a dvd series that you can do at home in 20 minutes.  It’s easier to fit into your schedule and your body (and back) will thank you.

4. Check your posture

Yes, your mother was right.  Stand up straight and you’ll not only look better but you’ll feel better.  Lower back pain often occurs when you are slumping at your desk or while standing.  You can strengthen you back through exercise, but start by pulling your shoulders back, lift your chin, elongate your neck, and tuck your hips in.  Doing this several times a day is the easy way to start building muscle strength and improve your posture.

5.  Did you lift something recently?

You might have injured your back when you lifted something improperly.  The pain might not have occurred at the time but it can show up later. Practice lifting with your legs so you don’t have to suffer.  And keep moving.  It’s common to want to “take it easy” if your back hurts but that’s the worst thing you can do.  Take some aspirin and move your body.

A natural health strategy will help you avoid back pain and headaches, simply because you are paying attention to what your body needs.  Best of all, you’ll discover many other benefits when you avoid drugs and improve your health habits.  Start with the tips above to make them a part of your healthy life.


About the author:

Cade Holmseth LMT, CMT, BFA is licensed and nationally certified massage therapist and bodyworker in St. Paul. He owns and operates his own office and utilizes his years of experience as a professional dancer and years of service at a chiropractic office, to properly assess his clients’ needs. He has a website at:, and facebook group: Hands of Health Bodywork.


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