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“Mini-Meditation”– The Secret De-Stressor

“Mini-Meditation”– The Secret De-Stressor

Body Sense – July 2013

A Peaceful Lake Enhances Meditation
A Peaceful Lake Enhances Meditation


This is an online publication for people who are recipients of massage and bodywork.  There are a lot of interesting articles in each issue.

I particularly like the article about “Mini-Meditations.”  The article talks about using “Mini-Meditations” during a massage, but developing this skill will change your life! Unlike “regular” meditation which requires 30 minutes or more, a mini-meditation is only a few minutes and it’s worth developing it into a habit.

You can use it to easily fall asleep, manage anger or stress at work, or simply recharge at the end of a hectic day.

It’s on the second page of the e-magazine (just click the corner to turn the page.)

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