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Weight loss case study

Weight Loss Case Study

The REAL way to lose weight!

For the longest time I’ve been a proponent of “common sense” weight loss, which combines healthy eating (no crash diets please!) with exercise and a strategy to lead a balanced life.  A secret is to improve weight loss with massage. This is the system that works over the long haul, which is critical.  Most people who go on a crash diet regain the weight within months if not weeks.  They suffer with cravings and muscle soreness, usually falling off the diet without reaching their goal.

Muscular man and fit woman workout with kettle ball at gym
Workout with kettle ball at gym
Portrait of a fitness man doing exercise on fitness machine in gym
Exercise on fitness machine in gym

Here’s the story (from  reddit ) of one guy who went from 250 lbs to 194 over 10 months using healthy eating habits and weight lifting.  If he can do it so can you!

Please note:  his success came with a commitment to exercise 4 days a week.  You can do your exercise at a

health club, or naturally by walking daily, dancing, or any other way that is fun for you.  The real secret is to make the activity part of your life.  Once you experience the endorphin rush, you’ll want more of it…making the effort easy! And be sure to add a regular massage to your strategy.  Massage will help you heal quickly, reduce muscle soreness and even reduce the cravings that sabotage your desire to lose weight.

Read on for his story and before/after photos:

10 Months of Hard Work

Transformation: Male/27/6’2" 250lbs-194lbs over 10 months from Fitness

Here’s the direct link to the case study in reddit 

Cade Holmseth is a licensed massage therapist in St. Paul specializing in professional sports massage.  He helps athletes improve their performance with massage and healthy eating.  Athletes of all kinds know that a massage after a workout heals tired muscles and improves flexibility.  Others find that they can lose weight and control cravings with massage.  This occurs by relieving stress and the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) that occurs when an ambitious weight loss and exercise program is started.

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