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The Secret to Losing Weight and Being Healthy

The Secret to Losing Weight and Being Healthy

When talking about health, we are often bombarded with pictures of healthy vegetables and fruits, often in their raw or blandest states.

Life is more than just fiber! :)

Don’t forget to enjoy life and indulge once in awhile. Succumbing to delicious food periodically can actually keep the will power to sustain that diet or keep you motivated at work.yummy cake

It’s important to remember that there are other ways to address stress besides waiting for it to become something painful and then coming to me as a massage therapist after it’s a problem.

If you are a person who loves breakfast like me, check out Keys Cafe on Raymond Ave. in St. Paul.
I recommend going on a Saturday or Sunday morning for brunch and checking out the list of delicious omelets including the loon omelet with wild rice and mushrooms or their plate sized pancakes.

Family owned and run in my neighborhood, this is the original location with a greasy spoon charm.

Then check out our other articles that help you live, eat, and feel better.  Here are two of my favorite.  Mediterranean Eating and Why you Can’t Stop Thinking about Food!

I am committed to your long term health and well-being. When you get a Massage by Cade you get the very best experience and training combined with a customized approach for the best experience.

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