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Health is vital to our overall well-being.  When we are suffering physically or we are in poor health our whole life suffers.  How do we obtain optimal health?  For our bodies it is imperative that we give it what it needs to thrive.  Most people do not get enough rest.  Sleeping an adequate amount of time will give your body a chance to repair itself.  Also eating the proper foods and getting enough nutrition will add to the health of your body.  So many people are in such a rush to take care of their responsibilities that they don’t eat correctly and are deprived of sleep. 

Some people are driving themselves to the point of exhaustion for the wrong reasons.  Regarding food, eating many vegetables and also adding some fruit on a daily basis will help build up your immune system to function better.  Most of these vegetables and fruits should be eaten raw.  Organic is always best if you can afford them.  Also a small amount of meat, chicken, fish and eggs with give you the protein your body needs.  If you can’t give up all of the fast foods because of the demands of your responsibilities and you don’t have time to cook three wholesome meals a day grab a fruit before you run out the door.

Don’t forget that our bodies are made up of mostly water and in order to function we must replenish ourselves with plenty of water daily.  Most of us are not drinking enough water.  The water flushes the body of many impurities and keeps us hydrated.  Sometimes we think we are hungry for food but what our bodies need is water.  Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry and then wait a few minutes before you eat.

Other ways to help your body is to keep it moving.  If you get some exercise, even a little a day you will see a difference in how feel.  Taking a short walk or even doing some stretching exercises can relieve some of the aches and pains that seem to come with the aging process. 

You also need to maintain your mental and emotional health.  Spending too much time worrying will become emotionally exhausting and really doesn’t do any good.  If there are problems and issues in our life which don’t seem to have any solutions try focusing only on what you are capable of changing and then do those things.  Some of the problems that you are experiencing will work themself out…some will not.  These are the issues you must accept or let go of.  You won’t feel better if you hold on to the past.  Try taking one day at a time.

You are not just a body of flesh and blood, you have a spirit and a soul wrapped in human flesh.  Most importantly, you need to seek The Living God, ask Him to help you.  If you are sincere in your heart in wanted what He wants for you He will certainly respond to you call.

I hope this information is a help to you and to your life and the lives of your loved ones.