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How Eyes Can Cause Headaches

How Eyes Can Cause Headaches

Eyes can cause tension headaches
Tension headaches can be caused by your eyes!

What you don’t see CAN hurt you.  Everyone has heard that quote in some form or another, usually in some television ad for some sort of disinfection wipe.  But it’s also true that what you DO see can hurt you, especially if you aren’t aware of HOW you are seeing or straining to see it.  And eye strain can cause tension headaches!

The following article spells some of this out in a nicely digestible way.

The key take-aways are to be aware of “Bad Vision Habits”. 

Here are some things that fall in that category:

=> Staring straight ahead, usually at a computer screen, for a long time.  This leaves your eyes dry, because you aren’t moving them nor allowing your eyelids to moisturize the eye surface.

=> Do you wear bi or tri-focals?  If so, check the position of your head as you look at the computer screen.  People who wear glasses often tilt their head to read, or pull their head back or towards the screen.  If left in this position for very long, your neck and shoulders stiffen up.

=> Be aware of your posture, whether sitting or standing.  We move our bodies to help us focus our eyes.  ANY position, outside of perfectly aligned posture, will cause muscle strain, resulting in pain. 

Just take a moment, during your busy day, to make sure your posture is aligned; move your head and neck to release tight muscles.  And if you find the stresses of life are causing you pain, call me.  I’ll help you relieve the pain from your headache by loosening the muscles in your neck!

What else can cause headaches?  Be sure to read Computer Neck Can Cause Headaches and Tension Can Cause Headaches.


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