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What Massage Can Do For You!

You’ve a hard week? Tensions at work? Boss sitting on your head? Anything you want to disconnect?  It’s time for a real treat that releases emotion and stress while healing your aches and pains through improved blood flow.

A massage may seem like an indulgence, but it isn’t.  Instead, a regular massage needs to be part of your healthy lifestyle.

Massages  are a natural addition to your health care plan, and you can even have your massage therapist go to your home or office if your schedule is tight.

In the comforts of your home, you get the feeling of your natural spa in the enchanting atmosphere of candles, yoga music ringing in your ear, stroking massage oils and fluids warm dripping down the body, relaxation and pampering. What else could you ask for?

A variety of Massage Styles


Warm massage oils – Your massage therapist will provide hot oils which brings the power of aromatherapy and heat.

Classic Swedish massage – This is the classic massage most people are familiar with. Ideally, your massage therapist will talk to you prior to your treatment to make sure any painful areas are also treated.

Head massage, face massage, scalp massage – not everyone likes having their face and head touched, but if you are one of the patients who enjoy a facial or massage of the the head and scalp, you’ll welcome the marvelous sense of relaxation. These types of massage are called “Reflexology”.

Massage essential oils – Essential oils enhance the experience of your massage. Oils containing lavender, chamomile and geranium soothe and trigger positive feelings with a very pleasant smell.
Massage essential oils help many conditions such as fatigue, both mental and emotional, stimulate, enhance the massage and provide soft skin.

Not all massage therapists are the same.  Ask about credentials, licensing, and additional training. Many people have poor first experiences with massage, so they never discover the healing power it provides.

Cade Holmseth is an award-winning, licensed, experienced massage therapist who can help you achieve great health with a strategic combination of bodywork, healthy eating, and exercise.  For more information go to his website.