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612-269-2207 1080 Raymond Ave, Suite 18, St. Paul, MN
Woman Receiving A Massage At The Spa

Pricing & Discount Packages

Your Massage by Cade leaves you feeling energized, with any aches and pains reduced or eliminated.
His years of experience allow him to clarify and focus on exactly the area that helps you be your best!

Taxes are included in all fees.





Please note, prices are subject to change

Foot Reflexology and healing
Reduce stress and promote healing

Hands of Health Bodywork Fees for Services

*note – all prices reflect cost of services with tax already included

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Membership Discount Packages



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Any service can be requested on a per/minute basis. 

Or, use the pricing from the options below:

$50.00 (1/2 hour):  Concentration on one or two specific problem areas.

$85.00 (1 hour): Full body massage.

$120.00 (1.5 hour):  Full body massage with concentration on tension areas.

$155.00 (2 hour): Full body massage with intense concentration on tension areas.

Call Cade at 612-269-2207 to customize a package to fit your needs!

  • $1.42/minute
  • Unlimited massages
  • No recurring fees
  • Specials, such as essential oils, energy work