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Massage Specials

Hands of Health Bodywork Massage Therapy often runs specials on various massages that will save you money and encourage you to try new treatments in St. Paul and Minneapolis. You’ll find gift certificates, special prices, packages and other ways to save money and give the gift of massage to yourself, your friends, your family, and even your employees.

Check out what’s new on the Home page and give me a call.  I’ll be honest with you and not try to sell you something that I don’t believe

2Defy Gravity
Strength and power from a healthy body

will be beneficial.

My goal is you feel great and your body is strong, healthy and at the best you can be! And making massage a regular part of your health strategy pays huge dividends.


P.S.  Yes, that is me, in a 2 Defy Gravity performance. It’s amazing what a healthy body can accomplish!

Circus day

Circus Performers
Circus Performers