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612-269-2207 1080 Raymond Ave, Suite 18, St. Paul, MN

Insurance For Massage Therapy

Have you been in an auto accident or injured at work? Many insurance companies now cover massage therapy to improve and speed the healing process!

Massage can help relieve chronic pain

Discuss your concerns with Cade. He has several strategies and plans that will help you, and insurance can be a part of the program.

I am committed to your long term health and well-being. When you get a Massage by Cade you get the very best experience and training combined with a customized approach for the best experience.

Want to Learn More About My Holistic Approach?
Visit or call me at (612) 269-2207.

Cade Holmseth BFA, LMT, CMT
Nationally Certified and St. Paul Licensed Massage Therapist